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Integrated Braking Systems


Proportional Brake Pressure

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The Original M&G Brake

For vehicles built before 2018

The original M&G Brake System connects the brakes of your RV directly to the master cylinder of your towed vehicle and can apply up to 600 lbs. of braking pressure proportionally. Connecting your vehicles only requires connecting one pneumatic line between them. 

All M&G Brake Systems Feature:
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The M&G 2.0 Brake System

For vehicles built after 2018

The M&G 2.0 Brake System connects the brakes of your RV to a universal cylinder installed under the hood of your towed vehicle. That cylinder is connected to the back of your brake pedal where it can apply up to 100 lbs. of proportional braking pressure when you apply the brakes.. Connecting your vehicles only requires connecting one pneumatic line between them. 

When you tow a vehicle, confidence is achieved through control and reliability. M&G Brake Systems instills confidence by integrating the braking system in your RV with that of your towed vehicle to create one coordinated system. 

Since 1987, M&G has been delivering braking innovation to those who tow vehicles with their RVs. M&G Brake Systems was the first company to design and patent braking systems for towed vehicles. For almost every brand of RV and tow vehicle available, M&G offers a braking system that can integrate the brakes of both your vehicles and apply proportional braking to your towed vehicle to deliver safe and reliable stopping power. Proportional braking means that no matter how little nor how much you brake in your RV, the brakes in your towed vehicle will be applied to the very same level simultaneously. Connecting your vehicles with a single pneumatic line is all you need to do when you begin to tow. Instantly, the braking systems in both vehicles act as one, delivering proportional braking for maximum control over your towed vehicle. All M&G Brake Systems require no maintenance and come with a limited lifetime warranty!

Lifetime limited warranty 

• No maintenance is required....ever!

Easy connection and disconnection when towing, Only one pneumatic cable is needed to connect your vehicles.

Proportional braking

• Emergency Break-away Kit (included...just in case)

• M&G Brake Systems offers options for coaches without air brakes

• All M&G Brake Systems are proudly made in America!

Dealers throughout North America (Click here for a map of our dealers)

M&G Brake Systems also install tow bars, base plates, and wire vehicles for towing at the factory in Athens, TX. We sell and install Blue Ox and Roadmaster tow bars and equipment.



(903) 675-2812

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